Presented by Jim Robinson
Starting with my grandparents, William Daniel Schlapia and Florence Groves


William aka "Wilbur" was the patriarch of the Schlapias in Carroll County, MO


Florence Groves Schlapia was the matriarch of the Schlapias in Carroll County, MO


Children of William and Florence. L-R Jean, Albert, Goldie, Luella, Viola, Edie

Aunt Goldie

Married Pete White, had Roberta, widowed then married Otis Stark.

Uncle Albert

Albert Lee Schlapia Married Katherine Lindquist, had Sharon, divorced, married Delois Jean Brock and had Janice, Phyllis, Florence and Daniel.

Aunt Delois

Delois Jean Brock married Albert Lee Schlapia and had Janice, Phyllis, Florence, and Daniel

Albert Schlapia's Children

L-R Dan, Phyllis, Florence, Sharon, Janice


Minnie Viola Schlapia Married James Robinson Sr., had James Jr., Jacquelyn, and Gloria

At Viola's Funeral

Left to Right
Laura Sue Mabry - dau. of Jacquelyn
Terry Robinson - son of James Jr.
Sammie Davidson - dau of Gloria
Sheryl Miller - dau of Jacquelyn
James Robinson III - son of James Jr.
Wife of Larry Davidson
Larry Davidson - son of Gloria
David Robinson - son of James Jr.
Mike White - son of Luella Schlapia

Aunt Edie

Lorah Edith Schlapia Married Claude Winfrey and had Lloyd and Darrell

Uncle Claud

Husband of Lorah Edith Schlapia above

Aunt Squeaky

Georgia Luella Schlapia married Eddie White, had Billy and Mike, divorced, married Walter Kinder, widowed then married Walter Rea

Aunt Jean and Uncle Bill

Melva Jean Schlapia married Raymond Burkhart and had Carol, Linda, and Larry, divorced and married Bill Woghlmugh.

Cousin Florence

Daughter of Albert Schlapia and Delois Brock

Cousin Roberta White

Daughter of Pete White and Goldie Schlapia

Cousin Linda Sue Burkhart

Daughter of Raymond burkhart and Melva Jean Schlapia

Me and Aunt Squeaky

Louella got the nickname of "Squeaky" when she went to a dance and her shoes squeaked.

My aunts Luella on left and Edie on right

Daughters of William and Florence Schlapia