My Great Grandfather

From 1876 to 1880, my great grandfather, Hugh Robinson lived at 238 Henry Street, in Lower East Side Manhattan, NY. That is where my grandfather, William Robinson was born, as was probably both his sisters.

While living on Henry Street, my great grandmother, Elizabeth Dorsy Robinson died on 10 August 1883 at a hospital on Scammel St., Manhattan, NY. Scammel Street no longer exists. The children were put in an orphanage a few months later.

In 1890, the New York City Census shows Hugh living at 385 Madison, which is about a block from the East River, and only a block from 238 Henry Street.

The Buildings on Henry Street and Madison have been torn down and no longer exist.

925 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

By 1900, Hugh was living alone with his second wife, Josephine, at 925 Metropolitan, in Brooklyn New York. Hugh's brother Joseph is living as a boarder on Livingston Street, in Brooklyn, NY

184 Jackson St., Brooklyn, NY

By 1910, Hugh was living with his new wife, Josephine, at 184 Jackson Street, in Brooklyn New York. Hugh's brother Joseph appears to be living with them also. the census does not show Josephine, but does show Joseph, but lists his age as 44, one year younger than Hugh. Actually, Joseph is about 15 years younger than Hugh, but Josephine would be 44. I think there is a mistake on the census.

434 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

By 1920, Hugh and Josephine were living at 434 Graham Avenue in Brooklyn New York. By this time, I have lost track of Hugh's brother Joseph. While living here, Hugh went to Brookland State Hospital and died on 08 Feb 1927, and Josephine went to Greenpoint Hospital and died on 10 Apr 1928.