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Hugh's Parents were Hugh Robinson, Sr. and Margarett Farrell in Ireland.
Hugh was Born: In Ireland, in 1855. Probably County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Hugh's brother Joseph was Born: In Ireland in 1870.
In 1871 Hugh came alone to New York on the SS Australia.
Hugh worked as a galvanizer in New York.
Hugh Married an Elizabeth Loyd Dosey (Dorsey or D'Arcy) and they lived at 238 Henry St. Manhattan.
In her Bible, Hugh Jr's Daughter Lottie said that she lived on Henry St. in NY. (JR)
Elizabeth died 10 August 1883, leaving Hugh with two children, William and Isabella (Lottie).
Hugh kept the children for a few months and then gave them to the Half Orphan Asylum.
In 1885 Hugh married Josephine Foster, also born in Ireland. They stayed together until his death.
Hugh died of a heart attack on February 8, 1927, (age 71) almost one year after his son William died in MO.
Josephine died about a year later, at age 72, on 10 April 1928 of kidney failure.

On March 28, 1884 Hugh brought the children:
William Robinson born: 26 September 1878 (Birth Cert. says 28 Sep. 1877)
and Charlotte Robinson born: 18 April 1880 (1880 census lists her as Isabella)
to the Protestant Half Orphan Asylum. He visited the children for several months but all trace of him was lost.
NOTE: Their Daughter Elizabeth (born 1876) was not on the 1880 census. We don't know what happened to her. (JR)
He brought a reference from the Rev. Mr. Dunwell of All Souls Church.

In May 1886, after being at the orphanage a little over two years, the orphanage brought them to the Children's Aid Society (CAS).
CAS placed them in Missouri, via the Orphan Train System, with:
William with W. H. Hardwick in Wakenda, MO. (Wah-Ken-Dah)
Lottie with W. V. Rogers in Carrollton, Carroll County, MO.

Lottie didn't get along with the Rogers' children and was re-placed with the Jamerson family.
Lottie seemed happy and content, attended school, and spoke of her friends and of visits with William.
In September 1897, CAS received a letter that Lottie had married James Cross.
In May William wrote to CAS to let them know that Lottie was in poor health but was improving.
In August he wrote CAS that Lottie and her husband were doing well.
In June, Lottie wrote that they were farming and doing nicely. She was in Bosworth. (Mr. Jameson had died and left Lottie some property.)
William was replaced in 1888 with Squire Lee. (In those days Squire usually meant that the person held an office such as Justice of the Peace, Well off Businessman or Farmer etc.)
Mr. Lee wrote that William was doing nicely, attending school and Sunday school and was growing fast. He weighed 104 pounds.
Now William lived six miles from Lottie and would visit occasionally on Sundays.
In November 1896, William wrote that he was living with Mr. Harry Hatsell in Bosworth, a quarter of a mile from Lottie.
William wrote several times in 1898 and seemed pleased.
In 1899 Lottie wrote saying William lived with an awfully nice family.
I, James W. Robinson, Jr. received the above information by letter from Mr. Victor Remer, Archivist for the CAS, in New York.
Notes that I found in Lottie's Bible indicate that she loved and respected the Jamersons. (JR)

Lottie died in 1970, her husband Jim Cross had preceeded her in death.
Upon Lottie's death, my father, James W. Robinson, Sr, bought the house in Bosworth where Lottie lived. Jim and Viola lived there several years until Jim retired and moved to California.
That house burned down not long after they sold it. It is now an empty lot with a freestanding garage.

In 1900, Hugh was living with a wife, Josephine, in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. He was 45, born in 1855 and she was 44, born in 1856. She also was born in Ireland.
The 1900 Census says they had been married for 15 years, so he must have married within a year of Elizabeth's death.
Hugh's brother Joseph also lived in Brooklyn, but not with Hugh. Joseph was now 30, born in 1870.
I have a birth certificate for another child, Elizabeth Ann Robinson born April 2, 1876, an older sister to William.
I have found no other reference to Elizabeth Ann, she was not on the 1880 census when she would have been 4 years old.

In 1910, Hugh was 55 and Joseph, now 40 lived with him. (The census said Joseph was 54 but that can't be right, Joseph would have been 40.)
It doesn't show Josephine. Perhaps when the record was transcribed to the schedule, the transcriber erred when seeing Joseph and Josephine in the same household and wrote down the age from Josephine's line and the Name from Joseph's line.
Both were listed as Galvanizers.

In 1920 Hugh and Josephine, listed as both being 64 lived in Brooklyn. Hugh was still a galvanizer.

I found Hugh's Death Certificate, NYC # 2911 in 1927. It lists his father as Hugh Robinson but his mother as Catherine Graham. This is different than what was shown on his marriage license, i.e. Hugh Robinson and Margarett Farrell.

I now have Josephine Robinson's Death Certificate, NYC # 8119 in 1928, LDS Reel 2057171. It lists her father as Charles Foster and her mother as Anna Bowen.

Hugh Robinson's parents were Hugh Robinson, Sr. and Margarett Farrell of Ireland. See Death Cert. above.
I suspect that Farrell is her married name from a second marriage, not her Maiden name.
Elizabeth's parents were William Dosey (Dorsey or D'Arcy) and Elizabeth Loyd.
Hugh Robinson may be Hugh William Robinson. I found this person Christened 19 Aug 1855, in Carnmoney, County Antrim, Ireland.
I am pretty sure that Hugh came from County Antrim, Ireland.