My Children (on the bottom row) are related to everyone in this photo by either blood or marriage [except for the dogs]
I realize that this is a very large picture but shrinking it down would lose its integrity, so just use your slider bars to move it around.

Me - Jim Robinson Jr Our son Jim Robinson III Our son Jim Robinson III Our son David Robinson My wife Lena with son David's wife Shelia My father Jim Robinson Sr. My mother Minnie Viola Schlapia Robinson My mother, Minnie Viola Schlapia Robinson Our Granddaughter Jamie Robinson dau. of David Our grandson Jaret Robinson son of David Our grandson Jaret Robinson, son of David Our Grandson Jaret, son of David Robinson Beatrice Noble Campbell, Lena's mother My sister Gloria Robinson My sister Jacquelyn (Jacky) Robinson My sister Jacky's son John Frischenmayer Jeff married my granddaughter Jamie in May 2006 Our Great granddaughter Alonna Welch, dau of Jamie and Jeff Lena's half sister Susie Howell My sister Jacky's dau. Laura Sue Mabry My sister Jacky's son Robert Miller Dustin Dage, son of my neice Connie Davidson My sister Gloria's dau. Connie Davidson My sister Gloria's dau. Glenda Davidson Claude Winfrey husband of my mother's sister Edith Schlapia My mother's sister Lorah Edith Schlapia Winfrey My mother's sister Goldie Schlapia White My sister Jacky's daughter Sheryl Miller My mother's brother Albert Schlapia My wife's nephew Matt, son of Susie Howell Mountain My mother's sister Melva Jean Schlapia Lena's neice Jacky Mountain, dau of  half sister Susie Howell John Mountain, husband of Lena's half sister Susie Howell Lena's brother Ed Bates Julia, wife of Lena's half brother Ed Bates Lena's sister Glena Campbell Lena's sister Glena Campbell My mother's sister Georgia Luella Schlapia My dad's brother Clarence Robinson My dad's brother Forrest Robinson Frieda North wife of my uncle Forrest Robinson My grandfather William Daniel Schlapia husband of Florence My grandmother Florence Groves wife of Wm Daniel Schlapia My cousin Mike Robinson son of Clarence My cousin Judy Robinson dau of Clarence My cousin Debbie Robinson dau of Clarence Pete White husband of my mother's sister Goldie My cousin Roberta White dau of my mother's sister Goldie My dad's sister Gerry Robinson Lena's nephew CJ Howell, son of Glena Lena's nephew Paul Ray Howell son of Glena Campbell Lena's uncle J L Noble, son of Dee My dad's sister Mary Robinson My GG grandmother Martha Walters, wife of W S Troutman My Gr Gr grandmother Elizabeth Druck wife of Daniel Schlapia My Gr Gr grandfather Daniel Schlapia My Great grandmother Anna Elizabeth Miller wife of Andrew Groves My dad's cousin Fern Beasley My dad's cousin Thelma Beasley My dad's mother Margaret Laura Belle Troutman Robinson My father's father William Robinson My 4th GGrandmother Mary Ellen Boal wife of John Briggs, Jr. My 5th GGF Archibald Boal Samuel H Schlappig my GGG granduncle My Gr grandfather John Allen Troutman The Mayflower upon which my 10th great grandfather Edward Fuller came to Plymouth Rock. My cousin Florence Schlapia dau of Albert My GG grandfather William Sumptner Troutman Our son David Robinson Lena's father Bill Campbell Lena's grandneice Julia Slack Michelle, wife of Lena's nephew Joe Bates Lena's grandnephew  Greg Howell Lena's nephew Joe Bates Lena's cousin Norman Lee Noble Lena's grandmother Melda Campbell wife of Dee Noble Lena's uncle Hargis Lena's grand aunt Hester Lena's aunt Rachel Campbell Lena's aunt Stella Campbell Lena's second cousin Else Campbell son of Andrew and Ella Mae Campbell My wife Lena Lena's grandnephew Mason Slack Our son Terry Robinson Our son Terry Our son Terry Robinson My wife Lena Campbell Lena's neice Brandy Bates Slack My wife Lena Brandy Bates' husband Jason Slack Lena's greatnephew Dalton Bates Lena's uncle Wiremon (Norm) Noble Lena's grandfather John Dewey (Dee) Noble Lena's greatneice Brittney Bates Lena's uncle Dallas Noble Bonnie, wife of Lena's uncle Dallas Lena's brother Winfred (Jack) Campbell Lena's uncle Sullivan (Seven) Noble Lena's cousin Lisa Noble Lena's cousin Pam Duff Enright Lena's aunt Mahala Lena's grandfather, Sam (Shag) Campbell Lena's uncle James Lee Noble Lena's grandmother Laurabelle Napier wife of Sam (Shag) Campbell Lena's aunt Elsie Campbell Lena's great grandmother Rushia Stacy wife of Emanuel Campbell My cousin Sue Robinson d/o Clarence Rachel Noble wife of Lena's ggf James Campbell Charlie Pepper Ladybird Lena's great grandfather James Campbell Protestant Half Orphan Asylum in NYC where my grandfather William Robinson lived after his mother died Lena's aunt Hazel Campbell, Pam's Mother Lena's g-g-grandparents Clayborn Noble and  Nancy Allen Lena's cousin Magalene Campbell Bud Howell, Lena's stepfather My wife Lena and her sister Glena