May 29, 1934 - March 24, 2010

I served in the Air Force with Robert in England in 1955 and 1956.

Robert Henry Leon Martin

Robert and his wife Dorothy Roseland Bybee

This is the Robert I remember.

Robert and Alvin Brown
Robert in one piece fatigues

Robert and me (Jim Robinson) at RAF Station Sculthorpe, England

Richard Klarchek, our supervisor and mentor.

The three of us, Robert H. L. Martin, Alvin Brown, and me, James Robinson were stationed in England from April 1955 to October 1956. We were Ground Radio Operators.

We were assigned to the 20th Comm Squadron at RAF Station Weathersfield. However, from September 1955 to April 1956, we were temporarily assigned to the 55th Fighter Bomber Squadron while they removed to RAF Station Sculthorpe, during which time the runways at Weathersfield were lengthend in preparation for the conversion from F-84 to F-100 fighters.

Robert, Alvin and I were assigned to Richard Klarchek for supervision and training while detatched to Sculthorpe. Richard trained us hard and we were all three very successful in passing our upgrade training tests.

In April 1956, the runway project was completed and we drove our 6 by 6 truck and radio van back to Weathersfield, where we no longer worked as a team. We were then just members of the radio group at Weathersfield.

In September 1956, we rotated back to the U. S.

I met Robert only one time after that. While home on leave, me to Kansas City, and Robert to Preston, MO. We met in Mission, Kansas and we with our wives went to see the movie "Love Me Tender" with Elvis Presley. I spoke with Robert after that by phone, but we never met again.