b. Nov 22, 1725 - d. Jan 29, 1794

SCHLABBIG, DANIEL, Bern. January 25, 1794 - March 25, 1794.

In the name of the most holy Trinity. Amen.

Whereas I, Daniel Schlabbig of Bern Township Berks County, having considered the frailty of my mortal body, the faculties of which are almost exhausted by my increasing age and continuing sickness, feeling nevertheless as yet no want or decrease of my sound reason and memory do therefore without exception to be considered and confirmed by those who I leave - in manner following.

Firstly, I recommend my immortal spirit into the hands of that God from whom I have received it, but my body I give over to those who I shall leave that the same may be by them committed to its resting peace amongst those of my own religion.

Secondly, I bequeath to my beloved wife Margaretha, for her yearly subsistence in grain fifteen bushels, half wheat and half rye every year, then every year, three pounds in cash, every year a quarter of an acre with flax, and a quarter of an acre with potatoes every year in meat 100 lbs. pork and 50 lbs. of beef. My wife shall have two cows, kept in the same pasture and the same fodders(?) in which those of the owner of the place are kept, as also to have the half of the kitchen garden in use, out of the orchard she shall yearly have two barrels of good cider which must be made for her and shall have leave to make five bushels of dried apples out of the orchard where she pleases, every year on bushel of salt every year six pounds of good wool every year, two pair of new shoes and a pair soled, the following owner in this testament to wit my son George Schlabbig shall do all this punctually for my wife, his mother, to take the grain to the mill for her, to bring the same of the meal back into her house. He must provide all the firewood, cut the same small and carry it into the house, to manure and plough her land for flax and pototoes well, to break the flax for her and prepare it for spinning. Moreover my wife shall have her seat in the house which I built in the following manner:
Firstly, the lowest room shall be altogether her own as long as she lives, the half of the kitchen, the half of the garret, a separate good stall or room for her two cows in the low stable. Should my wife Margaretha become old and infirm and not be able to help herself, then my son George shall be bound to keep a maid for her to nurse her and wait upon her. She shall also have her matrimonial bed, the chest which stands in the dwelling room with all its contents, her spinning wheel withall the kitchen furniture. Farther, my wife Margaretha shall have the half of the grain upon the loft (??????) when it the same is sold, that is to say half the money. She shall also have a horse to ride when she thinks proper. The remaining half of the money of the wheat above mentioned shall be given to my son Jacob.

Thirdly, I bequeath to my eldest son Daniel Schlabbig, for his right of primogeniture, the sum of five pounds good money, and then eleven pounds more as his Inheritance, which shall be paid to him out of my real estate. To be mentioned hereafter.

Fourthly, I bequeath to my son Jacob Schlabbig, the sum of seventy pounds good money, of which he shall have fifty nine pounds when the above mentioned wheat is sold, but the other eleven upon a certain time, as also the half of the grain upon the field, but he just help to reap, haul home and thresh the same.

Fifthly, I devise to my son George Schlabbig, my plantation situated in Bern Township, Berks County as his property with everything thereunto belonging to wit: two horse creatures with all the gear, also all the horned cattle and sheep. Also wagon, plough, and harrow together with all the farming utensils, also all the swine, the half of the grain upon the fields also the half of the money which will be got for the wheat above mentioned. My son Jacob shall have a right to live for one year upon the place, where he now lives, and my son George Schlabbig shall in one year after my decease, pay the first payment, he shall begin with the eldest child and pay on every year until to the youngest as their share is expressed in this testament, the beginning to be made with the eldest as afores, until to the youngest.

Sixthly, I bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth, the wife of John Seaman, the sum of six pounds good money to be paid out of my estate.

Seventhly, I bequeath to my daughter Margaret the wife of Adam Eppler, the sum of Twenty pounds good money to be paid out of my estate.

Eighthly, I bequeath to my daughter Catharine, the wife of Jacob Eppler, the sum of thirty five pounds, fifteen shillings and six pence out of my estate.

Ninthly, I bequeath to my grandson George Bautel, the sum of fifteen pounds good money when he arrives to his age, out of my estate.

Tenthly, I appoint my friend John Knoeble to be the executor of this my testament and will to say that the same is only executor.

Witnesses to the present testament and will Daniel Schlabbig {seal}

Jost Schlabbig
Henry Gatle A liberal and true translation of the original in German by Ino. Spayt (?)
Exr: Friend John KNOEBLE.

Thanks to Ernie Dawson for a copy of the above document. He gave me a xeroxed copy of both the original will in German and of a handwritten translation thereof. The handwriting in the translation is in old style.

NOTE: Schlabbig is yet another misspelling of Schlappig, both being derivatives of the family's true German name, "SCHLAPPICH"

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