b. Aug 26, 1762 - d. Jan 21, 1836


In the name of the Lord, Amen. I, Daniel Schlapig, from Upper Bern Township, Berks County. He is aware of being mortal and therefore, I am doing my last will and testament, and request that my body be put to rest in accordance to Christian rites: that my body is given to the earth and my soul to the living God, and that my son Samuell and Andreaw Boyer become the executors of my estate, and that the executors divide the assets into equal parts shared by Georg; Samuell; Magtalena; Elisabeth; Katarina; Susanna,[?] and pay those first that have not already received money, but that everyone receives the same. My daughter Katarina I want her to receive the part that is due to her, except the land that is hers; the land that is her part I would like that to go to her six children: Billi[?] Georg, Henry, Peter; Sara, and Katarina -- each in equal parts. Elisabeth's I would like that to be left with the named executors and not to be given to her husband or family. The executors should give her from this as or how she needs it, and when she dies the rest should go to her children. I would like the named executors to sell the land in parcels or in one piece however they need it, or need the money, but not be in a hurry with it.

Now I am closing and I swear that this is my last will and it should be carried out as such.

(Signature) Jacob Linde Muth ---------------(Signature) Daniel Schlappig

This will was translated from German by RF German-English Translation Service and the spellings are as they were in the original document. It also looks as if the document were written by another person, but signed by Daniel, since Schlappig was spelled differently in the document than in the signature. Also notice the reference to "He" in the second line instead of "I".
I made a couple minor spelling changes after the translation.

I was looking for Philip Schlappig to be in this will. However, if Philip was born in about 1793-1795, he would now be in his 40s, and may have already received land or monies from his father. In 1830, a Philip Sloppich lived in Upper Tulpehocken, Berks, with a wife, two male children and two female children, presumably, Daniel, Wilhelm, Mariana, and one other female. The ages fit. Philip was not found in 1840, so possibly was deceased by 1835, or had moved elswhere.

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