b. Jun 05, 1823 - d. Aug 07, 1909

In the consideration of One Hundred and three Dollars and 29/100 we George Bennett and Emily Bennett of the County of Ringgold and State of Iowa hereby sell and convey to Elisabeth Schlapia of the County and State aforesaid the following premacis(sic) to wit: Lot No. Eight (8) in the Town of Marshall and we warrent(sic) the the(sic) title against all persons whomsoever. Witness our hands this 8 day of February 1860.

George Bennett

Emily Bennett

Now the condition of the above Deed is sutch(sic) that if the said George Bennett and Emily Bennett pays to said Elisabeth Schlapia One Hundred and three dollars 29/100 with intrest(sic) thereon at the rate of ten perct. from date for whitch(sic) said sum the said George Bennett and Emily Bennett has have Exicuted(sic) their(sic) not two months after date payable to said Elisabeth Schlapia and baring Even date herewith intrest(sic) as above named then this obligation to be void.

State of Iowa
Ringgold County I, Thomas Marshal a Justice of the Peace of said Coounty hereby certify that on this day personaly(sic) came before me George Bennett and Emily Bennett wife of the said George Bennett personally known to me to be the identical persons who signed the foregoing Deed as grantors and acknowledge the same to be there(sic) voluntary act and deed, and the said Emily Bennett on a separate(sic) Examined ation(sic) acknowledg(sic) that she signed said Deed freely and voluntarily without compulsion of her husband and relinquishes her right of dower tharein(sic). Witness my hand this 8 day of February 1860.

Thomas Marshal

Justice of the Peace

Note from Jim Robinson: Looks to me like she loaned Mr. Bennett the sum of $103.29 and he put up his property as collateral.

NOTE: the document from which I typed this page is a photocopy of a handwritten document. This document has squiggly marks around the word "Seal" for the seals. It is written in old script. It does not state who did the transcription. Thanks to Ernie Dawson for the papers. Jim Robinson

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