I retired from the U. S. Civil Service on Friday, October 2 1992. I took a week off to take the family to Disney World in Florida. The following Monday morning I went back to the same old job and desk once again, but as a contract employee for The Harris Corporation.

Later the Harris contract expired and INET Inc. won the new contract and hired me into the same old job again.

When the INET contract expired, I transferred to the new contractor, WANG Corporation. By then, my old project, "Air Force Civilian Payroll" had been abolished and merged into a Department of Defense Payroll handled by the Navy. I bounced around to a couple different shops for awhile but wasn't happy with all the crap you had to do to show that you were busy.

I finally gave notice that April 15th 2001 would be my last work day. Since then, I have just loafed, goofed off, traveled, and worked on the family genealogy.

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