From Whence Came our Schlapia/Schlappig Ancestors

Berks County is in the southeast part of PA. It has lovingly been called home of the Pennsylvania Dutch.
Actually the "Pennsylvania Dutch" weren't Dutch though. They were Deutsch (German) and spoke Deutsch (German).

Johann Daniel and brother Johann Jost Schlappig, along with both(?) wives, landed in Philadelphia on 10/02/1753, on board "Edinburg", John Lyon Captain, from Rotterdam. They settled in Bern Township, Berks Co., PA, and by 1780 both owned 100-acre farms. This information is from Cochran World Tree Project and Shippee WTP. From the Schlappich family book, the boat left Rotterdam on May 28th, 1753 and arrived at Phila. on Oct 2, 1753, a little over four months at sea.

At some point after arrival in PA, Johann Daniel's name changed from Schlappich to Schlappig.
Most likely, the English speaking people who worked at government positions wrote it as Schlappig because that is what it sounded like to them. And once it is on "Official Paper", well, you know how it is. In some later generations, it was changed to Schlapia (in Iowa), pronounced shlay-pee or shlay-pee-uh. I have also seen it written "Sloppy". Some in FL maintained the "Schlappich" spelling. In high German, the ending -ich sounds like the English ending -igk.

They came from Ewersbach (old name was Ebersbach), a small town about 35 miles or so north-northwest of Frankfurt-Am-Main Germany. Ewersbach is in the county (or district) of "Lahn Dill Kreis".