L-R Barry Popham, Greg Toth, Tom Gamble, Bill Otto, and David Beverly.

Photo Courtesy of Greg Toth

By 1982, Barry Popham, Greg Toth and his wife Marie had joined Free Flight, Greg replacing Johnnie Harris on drums, Barry replacing Mike Zdanis on guitar, and Marie doing vocals. Free Flight disbanded in late 1982 and reformed again in 2010. The current Free Flight members are Greg Toth on Drums, Mike Zdanis on guitar, Dan Weathers on bass, Glen Holloway on vocals, and Jimmy Robinson on guitar. With the exeption of Greg Toth who replaced Johnnie Harris in 1982, the Free Flight lineup is the same today, (2012), as it was in early 1982.

At the 2010 reunion party on March 12, 2010, other previous members of Free Flight also joined in to jam and play at least one gig. These included Andy Hudman and Mark Marvin.