for all the new faces that I have recently met.

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John Allen Troutman and Wives My Great Grandfather and his wives.
Annie and Laura Troutman My Great Aunt and My Grandmother
Marvin and Shirley Umfleet Shirley is my second cousin
Thelma, Dennis, and Carol Thelma is my 1st Cousin, once removed.
Gern and Phyllis Beasley Gern is my 2nd cousin
Nikki Williams and friend Nikki is my 2nd cousin twice removed
Norma Weppner and Margaret (Gobble) Calkins Margaret is my 2nd cousin once removed
William Roy Troutman and Lois (Garrison) Troutman Roy is my second cousin once removed.
Kelly (Campbell) Williams and Eddie Williams Eddie is my 2nd cousin once removed
Fern Chamberlain, Don Troutman et al Fern is my 1st cousin once removed.
Raymond Wells and Joan (Beasley) Wells Joan is my 2nd cousin
Fern, Janet and Thelma Cousins, varying degree
Me, Jim Robinson, Jr. Myself
Thelma and her family Cousins, varying degree
Thelma Beasley and Jim Robinson Jr. Cousins
Anna and Walter with their Children Varying Relationships
Roy Raymond Utah Roscoe and Milo Varying Relationships
Louie Beasley at 15 My Second Cousin
Lloyd Beasley at 14 My Second Cousin
Blanche Beasley My Second Cousin
Walter, Anna, Fern and Frieda Beasley Relationship Unknown
John Sumpter Troutman My GrandUncle and Brother of Margaret Laura Belle Troutman
William Sumptner Troutman My Great-Great Grandfather
Martha (Walters) Troutman My Great-Great Grandmother
Tanya Troutman My 3rd cousin once removed
Hubert Claude Troutman Hubert is my first cousin twice removed